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airplane management software.

Compass North is an airplane management software platform developed to streamline the business-side of private, business, and corporate aviation operations.


From trip creation to expense tracking, both private plane managers and pilots can easily communicate details, log information, and view aggregated reports through our Manager Hub and free mobile app.

 Rated 5 Stars by our Beta Testers

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Track, organize, and save time
all with a 30,000 foot view

Everything you need in one place.

Private aircraft managers and independent pilots often spend too much time creating trips, logging leg details, and piecing together reports. "The business-side of private aircraft operation," as our founder, an Airline Transport Pilot and aircraft owner, describes it. 

With Compass North, aircraft managers can document aircraft information, assign new trips to pilots, stay up-to-date on legs, and view aggregated reports all in one centralized digital resource.

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Integrated tracking for aircraft managers and pilots.

The Compass North platform works as two separate, but automatically integrated, digital platforms - the Manager Hub and free Pilot app.

The Manager Hub is a web-based application for private aircraft managers. Through the Hub, you can add aircraft to your Fleet and automatically apply their information to new Trips; assign Trips to Pilot users and automatically notify them of the assignment; and easily view Trip reports and aggregated data from your Fleet.

The Pilot app is for pilots to easily log their Trip information. Trips using an aircraft in a Manager’s Fleet are automatically connected to the Manager Hub, just by entering the aircraft’s tail-number. Pilots can also use this free iOS app for their own Trips independently.

How the Manager Hub Works

Aircraft Documentation

Add aircraft to your Fleet and create User profiles of aircraft owners, pilots, managers, and passengers. Then, when you apply a Fleet aircraft to a new Trip, our platform will automatically fill out all relevant information. You can also upload images of aircraft documents and receipts, keeping them organized and easily accessible.

Trip Management

Using the free iOS app, Pilots can digitally log flight time, fuel usage, expenses, and more at each leg of a Trip. If the aircraft is already in a Managing user’s Fleet, all the Trip information logged by the Pilot is automatically* synced to the Manager Hub.

*When the app is connected to WiFi. The Pilot app will store any information tracked while offline, then sync to the Manager Hub once back online.

Trip Sheets / Reports

Once a Trip is finished, a report is generated automatically.  The report can be viewed on the Manager Hub or shared with owners, managers, pilots or others. Aircraft managers also have the ability to add or edit details of a Trip even after its completion.

Dashboard View

Get a 30,000 foot view of your entire Fleet in the Manager Hub’s Dashboard. You can see the aggregated data from each aircraft in your Fleet, including summaries of your active aircraft, total miles, total flight hours, and Trips logged in your Compass North account.


In my role as a manager, I really need a tool to simplify my job.  I don’t want to spend the time to re-enter information in multiple systems, and I often need to see the status of my aircraft at a glance. This is the first tool I have seen that helps me track the information I need and manage my relationships with my customers efficiently.”


Shane S.

Aircraft Manager & Pilot

As a charter pilot, it’s so nice to be able to quickly (and easily) log my flights for my own record keeping.  Generating reports from the trips I fly and sharing them with my boss or clients really helps keep everyone on the same page and saves us all a lot of time.”


Pete P.


Get Started

The business-side of private aircraft operation doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. Compass North is a simple, organized digital solution to tracking aircraft and trip information. Start your free trial today!

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