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Compass North was created to make aircraft operation simple.
We believe it should be priced that way.


Enjoy an introductory rate of $49 per month per aircraft through the end of the year


What's Included: 

The Manager Hub and free Pilot app are integrated tools built to streamline the business side of private aircraft operation.

Manager Dashboard

View active aircraft, total trips, total miles, total hours, and recent trip information aggregated over a 30 day period. Change in these data points is displayed as a percentage, compared to the previous 30 days.

Aircraft Profiles

Add the aircraft you manage or own to your Fleet, so its information is automatically filled out when you create a new Trip. The aircraft number, owner, primary manager, current cycle counts, empty weight, preferred fuel units, max fuel, and time tracking options can all be included in the aircraft’s profile.

Time Tracking Options

Easily track flight time by Hobbs meter, tachometer, wheels up / wheels down, door open / doors close or all of the above. As a Manager user, you can set the required time tracking option for each aircraft.

User Profiles

Add users associated with your Fleet to expedite Trip assignment and keep track of who is involved with your aircraft. Contact information, User Type (pilot, manager, owner, or passenger) and photos can all be added to a user’s profile.

Trip Creation

Initiate a trip in the Pilot app or in the Manager Hub and sync with all platforms. Automatically pull in available aircraft information for speedy logging.

Trip Assignment

When creating a new Trip, users can add a new or existing Pilot to the Trip. Our system automatically notifies the Pilot of the assignment, reducing the need for external communication.

Trip Tracking

Pilots can use our iOS app to track leg details, Trip expenses, add image documents, take notes, and more. Managers can view updates through the Trip Summary, and see a log of recent trips taken for each aircraft in their Fleet.

Generating Reports

At the end of each Trip, everything a Pilot needs to quickly create a report is already in the Trip Summary. Managers will be notified when a full Trip report has been signed off by the Pilot and sent a link for review.

It's Simple

Everything in the Compass North Manager Hub is free until December 1st! No blocked features or hidden fees, and includes free and unlimited Pilot app users. 

Three devices.png

In my role as a manager, I really need a tool to simplify my job.  I don’t want to spend the time to re-enter information in multiple systems, and I often need to see the status of my aircraft at a glance. This is the first tool I have seen that helps me track the information I need and manage my relationships with my customers efficiently.”


Shane S.

Aircraft Manager & Pilot

As a charter pilot, it’s so nice to be able to quickly (and easily) log my flights for my own record keeping.  Generating reports from the trips I fly and sharing them with my boss or clients really helps keep everyone on the same page and saves us all a lot of time.”


Pete P.


Compass North

Contact Our Team

Questions about features? Concerns about creating an account? Get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help!

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